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What is Ministry of Health cold chain compliance?

In 2017 the NewZealand Ministry of Health released the latest version of their National Standards for Vaccine Storage and Transportation for Immunisation Providers.

This document sets standards for the storage and transportation of vaccines from arrival in Aotearoa to when they are removed from the fridge for dispensing. This is known as the cold chain.

Once the controlled product is in storage in your facility you are required to record the refrigerator's daily minimum and maximum temperatures. Our Haier vaccine refrigerators comply with this requirement. Our larger model Haier vaccine refrigerators include a built-in logging system to continuously record and store temperature data. This data is retrievable via USB. These features ensure your compliance with the Ministry of Health cold chain requirements.

For continued compliance, your cold chain compliant vaccine, drug or pharmaceutical refrigerator requires annual recertification. CCAT can perform your annual fridge/freezer recertification. Recertification involves an inspection, performance test and calibration check. We can assist with any repair which may also be required to maintain compliance.

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