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Welcome to the vaccine fridge sorting hat

Which pharmaceutical fridge is right for me?

Every Haier pharmaceutical fridge includes:

Auto-defrost, CFC free, Force air cooling, High/low temperature alarm, Sensor error alarm, Door ajar alarm, and are lockable

So, what remains for you to choose?

Essentially, only the size. The model number reflects the capacity in litres.

BUT remember the NZ MoH guidelines.

When packing the fridge you should always leave plenty of space for the air to circulate. So count on using 2/3 to 3/4 of the fridge capacity.

Haier under bench models

In the under bench range we have two models each with a glass door option. The HYC-68 and HYC-118.

Models that will not fit under the bench

There are six models of Haier pharmaceutical refrigerators  covering the size range from 260 litre to 1378 litre.

What next?

If you think one of these Haier fridges would be suitable for your pharmaceutical cold storage, we would welcome your inquiry. info@ccat.co.nz

WHO have an excellent document on vaccine storage and transport here.


Your cold chain compliant vaccine, drug or pharmaceutical refrigerator requires annual re-certification. CCAT Scientific Ltd can perform your annual fridge/freezer re-certification. Re certification involves an inspection, performance test and calibration check. We will assist with or perform any repair which may also be required to maintain compliance.

Contact CCAT:

        Free phone 0800 222 812 (0800 CCAT12)

        email: info@ccat.co.nz      

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