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If you require cold chain accreditation

Or are looking for a cold chain accreditation (CCA) reviewer, you are here.

Contact CCAT and we will help guide you through the cold chain accreditation process.

This is a billable service from CCAT Scientific.

We will guide you through the process of:

  • Assessment

  • Preparing your cold chain management policy

  • Obtaining your cold chain accreditation

  • Obtaining the appropriate pharmacy grade refrigerator for storing your vaccines

  • Establishing an appropriate monitoring process

  • Ensuring your vaccine fridge has an annual service

For vaccines and other medicines to maintain their full potency, they must be stored appropriately. For many years we simply threw them in a fridge. Any old fridge. Fortunately we now realise that is somewhat inadequate. For maximum efficacy vaccines have specific storage requirements. MOST should be stored stably in the range from two to eight degrees C. This is easily achieved with an approved pharmacy grade refrigerator.

Contact CCAT:

        Free phone 0800 222 812 (0800 CCAT12)

        email: info@ccat.co.nz