What is a -40 °C deep freezer?

Minus 40 Freezer

Minus 40 also known as a deep freezer. Quite simply it achieves temperatures somewhat lower (deeper) than a typical domestic freezer which usually keeps your icecream at aprox -12 °C. 

Deep freezers have much better insulation than your typical home freezer. Instead of cheap expanded polystyrene foam loosly held in the wall, a good deep freezer will utilise a quality micropore foam sandwiched in a vaccum between two sealed panels. Like so:

Unlike your home freezers, deep freezers usually employ two capilliaries and  utilise shelf integrated evaporators to offer rapid and efficient temperature pull down.

Deep freezers usually have several doors. The outer door or two being the main insulated door, perhaps with a lock mechanism and a control panel incorporated. Open this and you will see up to four inner doors. This is so that only one quarter of your samples will be exposed to the warm ambient while you fossic around looking for your sample.

Deep freezers are not limited to storing biomedical products. They are also used to freeze plastics for testing and for storing VERY expensive epoxy resins.

You can download a brochure showing the whole range of Haier minus40 deep freezers here.

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