About minus80

minus80.co.nz is a web site belonging to CCAT Scientific to promote the Haier medical refrigeration products. CCAT Scientific is the exclusive NZ agent for Haier medical working through Brightside Scientific in Sydney.

Haier minus 80 ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer

Our most popular range by far. Haier have a wide range of sizes of upright ULT freezers. From the slimline 338 litre upright to the giant 959 litre upright.Read more about ULT freezers.

Haier minus 40 freezer

In the  -40 °C range our upright style range from 92 litre up to 626 litre. There are 3 chest freezers form 90 to 255 litre. Read more about -40 °C deep freezers.

Haier  pharmaceutical  and vaccine refrigerators

Haier pharmaceutical and vaccine refrigerators operate in the temperature range of +2°  to +8 +/-3° C.

The Haier range covers from the 68 litre under bench fridge to the 1378 litre upright, with double glass doors. All the Haier vaccine fridges will help with your cold chain compliance.

Read more about vaccine and pharmaceutical refrigerators here.

Haier laboratory and portable blood refrigerator

All the Haier blood bank fridges are factory set at 4 °C.

Haier has a 100 litre (48 standard blood bags packed) capacity portable refrigerator for blood banks. Read about blood bank fridges here.


Your cold chain compliant vaccine,drug or pharmaceutical refrigerator requires annual re-certification. CCAT Scientific Ltd can perform your annual fridge/freezer re-certification. Re-certification involves an inspection, performance test and calibration check. We will assist with or perform any repair which may also be required to maintain compliance.

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