Haier Biomedical

Fridge/freezer for science

Combination pharmacy grade fridge with minus40 freezer beneath.

Haier HYCD-282 Foam door

Haier HYCD-282A Frost free glass door on fridge

This upright pharmacy grade refrigerator and minus 40 freezer has a refrigerator capacity of 185 litre and a 97 litres freezer. The air is fan  circulated internally to maintain an even temperature distribution throughout within 3 deg of set point.

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Salient points:
Fridge temperature range 2 to 8 degC
Freezer range is 20 to 40
Multiple alarms. High/low, sensor etc.
Min/max temperature recording in built in log.
CFC free refrigerant
USB interface

Contact info@haiermedical.co.nz or phone 0800 222 812